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Door Stiles

Door parts - just a few of the 401 parts needed to construct the doors


Shown above are some cabinet doors being assembled.


All of the assembled doors and some of the drawer fronts on the bottom of the cart.

To build a door:  Cut hardwood to approx. width then plane down to final dimension of 2.5” x 3/4”.  Cut pieces to length, then router tongue on both ends of the horizontal piece (called rails) using router table.  Then router center groove (tongue and center panel fit into) in the vertical pieces (called stiles) and the horizontal pieces.  Sand the inside edges of all of the grooves just routered.  Cut center panels out of 1/4” plywood - discard/cut around panel material that does not display desired look.  Then sand both sides of panel with 180 grit sandpaper using orbital palm sander.  Insert space balls (rubber balls that are 1/4” in diameter - they are used to stop door rattle and minimize damage from wood swelling and shrinking due to heat and cold) in the grooves where the panel sits - usually 10-16 per door depending on size.  Assemble doors by gluing and pin nailing tongues in the grooves with the panel in the center.  Once doors are assembled and glue is dry, then sand all of the joints with 80 grit sandpaper using orbital palm sander for a flush surface in preparation of putting of joints.  Use hand held router and router door edge design on all four sides of all of the doors and drawer fronts.  Putty all seams and any knot/surface defect on both sides of door - use appropriate putty color for best match.  Once putty dries, sand off excess putty with 100 grit sandpaper, then sand entire door (both sides, edges/ends) with 180 grit.  Now the doors are ready for lacquering!


Issac standing in front of some of the parts for the cabinet face frames.

Doors Drying

Most of the finished doors on the drying rack.


Island cabinet from the backside - unfinished and without doors/drawers


Finished pantry cabinet - very large!  Base not on yet...


Finished cabinets waiting for door installation and shelf standards to be installed.


Corner cabinet w/one door not yet installed for center section.


Right back view of the island


cabinet w/o doors and drawers

Face Frames

Completed face frames ready to attach to cabinets.


Many of the parts needed for the cabinets - ready for assembly.


Some of  the finished cabinets - w/o doors and drawers


Finished cabinets w/narrow reed glass - looks nice...


Same cabinets with most of the doors and shelf standards installed.


Some of the 35 sheets of 3/4” plywood needed for building the cabinets and shelves.


Jeff and some unfinished cabinets


More of the finished cabinets w/doors attached - still needs drawers installed


Some of the many shelves drying on the rack and table.


Other side...

Each drawer box consists of seven pieces, glue, and approx. 25 pin nails.  Today we built 36 drawers.   First cut the 5x5 baltic birch into strips and then to length. Then dado all sides to fit the drawer bottom.  For the pullouts, after dados, clamp each side into template and router shape.  Then take all of the back pieces to notch and drill hole for self closing slides.  Now it is time to sand - once sanded, assembly takes place.  Once the drawer is assembled, the tops and top edges are sanded.  The last step before lacquering is to attach drawer bottom support to the front and back bottom - this way, drawers will not come apart or deck pop out in the back.


Issac sanding drawer parts...


Front view of the island - just need to attach flip down hinges to left drawer front.


Cabinet with doors and drawers - need to install short drawer on left


Finished drawers waiting to be lacquered


Left back view of island.

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