Maple Murphy Beds

Maple can look creamy white to pale reddish brown, and it always has a silky shine to it. Smooth, it has a fine texture with an even grain. Hard maple can have curly or quilted patterns in the grain, but maple sapwood is the type of maple that is used in most furniture made out of the maple tree. Overall, the grain in maple wood is generally straight, but it can be wavy. Because of the smooth grain, it does well when it is painted and no grain shows through. The smoothness of maple can make any room feel charming, clean, and fresh. When stained, maple wood can imitate Cherry wood. On top of all these great qualities, maple wood is very hard and shock resistant. This lightly colored, silky, and shiny wood would be a great choice for any piece of furniture or cabinetry that you would like to have custom made, painted or not.